Ellenbrook: Day 5 – Off with the heads

Today we all woke up mentally and physically drained due to the effects of Lugaw and working in the rice field. Everyone quickly cheered up once they saw the food Aunty Dinah served up for breakfast; however, this happiness would not last long once we figured out what we were all doing next.  Once everyone had filled their stomachs full, we headed down to the IRC where we were all full of excitement to see the children that had brought us so much joy the day before. Once we had said our hello’s, Pastor Steve sat us down and told us what we would be doing during our time there.

On the first day, we went to IRC, Pastor Steve told us his mission’s philosophy was based off Matthew 25:35-36 ‘When I was naked you clothed me, when I was hungry you fed me.’ Yesterday was clothing the children and we found out today that we would be feeding them. Little did we know what this would entail.  Pr Steve used funds that we provided through Mr Peakall to purchase six chickens and he added them to the 18 quails they had hand raised to provide for the IRC’s lunch. We were then instructed that we would kill, prepare and cook the animals. We split into 6 groups, each group was given one chicken and three quails. Unfortunately, a few people from each group got given the tasks of cutting the chickens’ neck. For those of us who didn’t have the stomach to handle it, many volunteers and children from the IRC were happy to help as we closed our eyes and turned away. There were even a few tears. We were amazed to see how comfortable the children were to watch and cheers us on as we killed them. The next step was to put the chicken into a pot of boiling water while holding the legs. After this, we plucked the chicken of all its feathers and began removing the skin and insides. Many of us (except Mr Peakall) couldn’t do this task (including Crush who stayed in his bed) so we handed the job onto the IRC helpers. Once the chicken was cleaned, we prepared it for cooking. The better half of the cooking was preparing the vegetables and cooking the meat in the pot over a camp-style fire.

When everyone thought it was over, they brought out three quails per group and revealed the news that it wasn’t over yet. We followed the same process of the chicken for the three quails which were then cooked over a fire on a spit. While we struggled with our job of feeding the IRC members, we understood this was an important duty and lesson that we can take with us moving forward.

We came back to Beulah land for showers and lunch, and when we found out it was chicken being served for lunch everyone was a bit unsure if they could stomach it after their experiences today.

After lunch, we headed to the local basketball courts for a friendly fellowship game. Our team consisted of Zac, Patrick, Ethan and five Filipino players. It was a close game as the ‘Australian’ team only lost by six points due to the help of their Filipino players. Although we lost everyone including Crush had many photos and laughs, especially when all the Filipino girls were crushing on Patrick.

After the basketball game, the group began to play a game of volleyball against their high school team… our team did not do to well and got laughed at. More laughs were had when Patrick came up to serve because of the female crowd chanting “Patrick, Patrick, Patrick”. The games came to an end and everyone was swarmed to get photos taken… some had more of a line than others. After all the photos were taken Patrick was given hats to hand out to the players, but instead, heaps of girls ran up to him screaming and crowded around him to score a hat from their favourite player.

For dinner, there was chicken served yet again, and you can imagine how everyone felt about this. We finished dinner and headed straight to a local prayer meeting/church service. This time consisted of Tiah and Katelyn sharing their testimony of their journey with Christ. We then split into groups to pray for the group members and for any prayer requests they had. Once we prayed, we had the honour to have witnessed the young kids perform a traditional dance they had prepared for us. The children also showed us ‘Tininkling’ which is a Filipino dance, some from our group even willing to give it a go including Sophie, Louise, Zac and Trent. None were as good as the children and many got laughed at.

As the meeting came to a close, we began setting up a service line to pack 600 bags of food for local families which consisted of rice, noodles and sardines. This took us about an hour and a half which wasn’t bad as we made a mistake with the amount of rice in the bags and had to go through them again. This wasn’t an easy task, but we all loved it as it was a very rewarding experience knowing the food was going to people in need. After all the 600 bags were packed a number of us learnt a song we will be performing on our last night in Cabacungan. Many songs were sung and then it was time to walk home and end our day.

P.S. Sorry for the detailed description of the preparation of the chicken…..:)

by Holly and Zac





14 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 5 – Off with the heads

  1. I have no words for the chicken preparation !!! I’m only wondering if Patrick is coming back or staying with his new groupies ???? Another amazing day.

  2. Oh my goodness, it sounds like a very confronting day and I know for sure that it is not something we could have done, however when this is your way of life and your means for survival then that is what you have to do. We are sure that your community will be grateful. Keep experiencing life and we look forward to some more photos and a new blog tomorrow. PS Well written Holly and Zac, it couldn’t have been easy having to think about it all over again. Love from all of us at home. xx

  3. Well done Patrick Bieber 🤣🤩! You’re all very brave for enduring the chicken and quail preparation, don’t think I would’ve managed that! I’m glad to hear you’re all still having fun!

  4. Super proud of you all for getting through yesterday, it can’t have been easy for anyone. Life is such a precious gift to treasure.
    Things are good back here in Perth, Levi had orientation day for year 7, he still isn’t 100% sold on the idea, Harley still has no idea about personal space and is sitting on my head as I type and Tobi is still chasing flies around like an idiot 🤣
    The count down is finally on, half way point has been reached, not that I am counting or anything.
    Miss you lots, sounds like everyone is having lots of fun and interesting experiences along the way.
    Keep smiling and I promise no poultry for dinner when you get back 😘

  5. Wow! Sounds like a challenging yet rewarding day. Huge admiration for those involved in the chicken preparation – certainly something I could not imagine doing! You should all feel very proud of the amazing work that you are doing over there.
    P.S. Tiah – is that your little boy from last year that I see in some of the photos? xx

  6. I want to send you all the biggest hugs for what you had to do to the chickens. I know all the reasons why etc, but I still teared up just reading your post. Teale and I prefer to remain oblivious to where our food comes from. So whether you closed your eyes, turned away, or even had a chuck (kinda like I feel like), I’m proud of you all. You are all amazing.


  7. Well done everyone. Very confronting to have to prepare the food right back to killing the chickens/quails. that’s what going to the Philippines is all about. Learning how other cultures live and appreciating how blessed we are to live in Australia. You’re all doing a superb job and leaving behind a wonderful legacy. Proud of everyone.

  8. Well done Miss Woermann on plucking the bird, you are very brave. BTW what is that red stuff in the tray next to you? Actually don’t tell me I don’t want to know 🤢🤢
    Miss Woermann and Mr Peakall thanks heaps for all you guys are doing over there. You guys a awesome. Big hugs and kisses to our girl. Love you Holl Poll xx

  9. Wow! What a day! So proud of you all for the incredible way you are serving the community. I can only imagine how difficult preparing the food was… but how wonderful it is that you were able to help in this way. You are truly living faith in action, just as the bible encourages us to do! God bless! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment 🙂

  10. Great work guys. Very proud of how you just get on with the task. Great photo Soph of you cooking – you look at home by the fire! Keep smiling😀😘

  11. Praying for all of you and so proud of the way you guys are serving even in the difficult, confronting moments. May Christ bless you all richly as you serve in unity. 🙂👏🏼

  12. Hi team,

    Year 4.1 have loved seeing all you are doing and we pray for you as we heard some of you are feeling sick. Hang in there!

    Blessings, Year 4.1

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