Southern Hills Day 5: A Tearful Goodbye & Food for Thought

This morning began with the usual early 6:00 start that marked the beginning of day 5! We loaded onto tricycles and rode to our ever-famous Casa Lim, where we had a breakfast of rice, sausages, egg and special sweet bread that is made of a local plant. In order to get to know one another from different schools, we were sat according to our house address numbers. Like always conversation flowed between school groups naturally and was lively as ever.

After breakfast we drove to the school to begin the day’s work. The schools divided into two groups: one group scrubbing the dirt and moss off planting boxes, while the other painted them a bright green. Once we were finished, we interacted with the kids from all the classes. Personally, we mostly interacted with the hearing-impaired students and learnt sign language. The students and teachers then organized a goodbye ceremony, which was an all-around bittersweet experience. As grateful and as happy as we felt, we were also heartbroken to say our last goodbyes. As tears and hugs were exchanged, we departed the school for the final time.

We proceeded to Casa Lim for a lunch of rice, chicken on a stick, noodles and fruit, this time ordered by the number of uncles we had (Thank you Daniel for that suggestion). We were given a gift of Polverone by those at the Special Education school. After those were distributed, we collected our washing from the day before.

After lunch, we went in a workers truck to Brother Ed’s farm to discover our new task for the day: loading the trucks with the sugar cane plants. In an hour and 40 minutes, we were able to fill two trucks with sugar cane. The process consisted of piling sugar cane plants onto our shoulders and walking them towards the truck. A small plank of wood was placed, acting like a ramp, to climb up into the truck to dump the plants in. They were then hacked into smaller pieces by one of the farm workers. To travel back towards the front of the farm, everyone got into groups and took turns riding a Carabou.

At dinner, we ate rice, pork on a stick, vegies and watermelon. After dinner we were given the choice of participating in the eating of traditional Filipino foods. These included chicken feet, chicken intestines, chicken gizzard, chicken anus and balut (fertilized chicken egg). This was followed by the surprise option of bat and snake. Keisha, a member of our group, broke the female record for the most baluts eaten, which was 15!


All of our love to our friends and family back home,

Lizzie and Shelby



7 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 5: A Tearful Goodbye & Food for Thought

  1. Nik Nat hope you are enjoying your time over there. Haven’t seen many photos of you . Give my love to maddie and mon. Missing you love you xxxx

  2. Hi Shelbs!
    Great post girls, boy oh boy you are achieving so so much on this trip.
    I’m sure it was hard to say goodbye to all of those wonderful children. You are so blessed to have been part of their lives even if it was for a short time.
    Can’t wait to hear of the next days adventures!
    Continue to enjoy each and very minute of the day. Super proud of you Shelbs and what you are giving to others.
    Love you lots 💕 Dad, Mum, Demi-Lee, Macy and Jordyn xx

  3. Hi guys, looks like you’re having an amazing experience, hope all is well, miss you Pipey!
    Love Maddie xx

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