Swan/Mundaring Day 5: Painting and Sad Goodbyes

Day……… not actually too sure. We’re having such a good trip a couple of us have lost track of time! As you all know, yesterday was Lugaw Day (a time of hungry bellies and armpit sweat). This means that the moment we woke up we were REARING for some breaky. A short drive to Pastor Norman’s house, and our food cravings were satisfied as the ladies had cooked up a storm sporting rice, eggs, sausages and fruit. The day was off to a good start and we yeeted our way over to the Special Education School for our final goodbyes.

Splitting into two groups, half started to scrub walls and the other half began painting. We were touching up the walls with a Fluro green: Aesthetic. After work came the fun and we ran around with the kids, refined our sign language hand skills and painted some nails. It really was a morning of laughter, love and friendship. We did a final dance with our new friends and it was time to head out. It was hard to leave our new mates and some tears were shed, but we didn’t have time to linger too long because we had a big afternoon ahead of us.

After lunch we headed to Brother Ed’s sugar cane farm. We all got on back of the huge truck and headed down to the fields. Today’s farm job was to load the truck up with the sugar cane. Firstly, we had to collect a pile of cane and place it over our shoulders so we could carry it to the truck. We then had to walk up a wooden ladder and place the sugar cane in piles on the truck, we repeated this until most of the truck was loaded. Once finished we got to ride back to the bus on the Caribous (Water Buffalo), either seated bareback on the Caribou or seated inside the cart pulled by the Caribou. It was a very fun ride. We headed back to the hotel and cleaned up, ready for dinner. Dang it was good.

Tonight we will be taking part in an eating challenge.  Mr Beacham has apparently got some weird and wonderful things for us to eat.

Btw Hi Meggles & fam.

Keisha and Tia.

*** Eating Challenge Update ***

The students got to eat a range of different foods including chicken (feet, liver, intestines, and gizzard), snake and bat. Well done to all the students that tried balut (a 15 day old fertilized chicken egg). Tasma, Austin and Keisha all ate a balut with Keisha eating 15 of them and breaking the female trip record for balut eating. Keisha was coached through the challenge by the current male balut eating champion Ryan who holds the record of 30 baluts. Long live the balut King and Queen.

4 thoughts on “Swan/Mundaring Day 5: Painting and Sad Goodbyes

  1. Great to hear the news of love, sweat and food! God bless, praying for you every day. Love Derry’s

    1. Aw, the children are ADORABLE 😍
      Hey Jessica- did the horse riding experience at RDA help with the caraboa?
      Who was brave enough to try ‘baluts’??!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great but busy day. Miss you heaps tee-wee. 😀 Freddy and Barbara are still alive. 😀 you can do the weeding when you get home if you like. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Love you to the moon and back and around again. Xxx
    Ps the rest of the fam say hi.

  3. Looks like hot work, James. Are you still pink? Hope your hand is holding out with all the labor
    ? Looks like you are all having a fabulous time.

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