Ellenbrook: Day 6 Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day!

The day began with a delightful breakfast of pancakes and frankfurts, before heading to the IRC to commence the day’s work where Southern Hills, Swan Christian and Mundaring met with us to continue the progress we had made on the basketball court. We split into groups with some of us working on shovelling dirt, others with rocks and many managing the concrete mixer. A few entertained the kids with bubbles, pipe cleaners and balloon animals, keeping them occupied amidst the manual labour. Many of the kids had written us very heart-warming letters, which made those on the receiving end smile and gave others the inspiration to write letters to the kids tonight. Little did we know that when the clock struck 10:40 am, we would be met with an unforeseeable challenge. It’s raining, it’s pouring the old man was… telling us to STOP ALL WORK…..

The quick turnover from extreme heat to relentless rain and thunder caused all work to cease and everyone congregated undercover, sheltering from the rain which got more and more violent. There were a few moments of hope with temporary clear skies but sadly the rain continued. Finally, the decision was made to return for lunch to Beulah land, via bus. The issue, however, was actually getting from the veranda into the bus as the water had reached ankle height. Shoes and socks were drenched leaving everyone feeling gross at the squelching sound as we walked and the feeling of wet feet.

Upon arrival at Beulah Land, the coffee station amassed a large queue. Everyone who needed a warm drink lined up to beat the cold. After we changed into some cleaner (and dryer) clothes, we all went to lunch, socialising with members from the other schools we had yet to ‘really’ meet. Alas, after a delicious plate of spring rolls (aka lumpia), rice, pork and chicken stir-fry (followed by an amazing fruit salad), we got ready to travel back to the IRC to re-commence work.

We arrived at the IRC with full stomachs and the motivation to get as much of the job done as possible. We were successful in completing two more slabs of concrete, making a total of 3 out of the intended 4. Despite the rather amusing distraction of many kids making water balloons (also the sight of Trent and his concreted shirt), we got as much of the job done as possible and are excited to finish tomorrow.

Much to the dismay of the children at 3:30 pm, it was time to say goodbye to the other schools. They boarded the bus and set off in the direction of La Carlotta, while we began the rewarding walk back, all tired but content with what we had accomplished. We are now sitting here looking at the beautiful view of our clouded volcano in fresh clothes, reflecting on our efforts. Crush decided that there was too much mud to get his shell dirty, so he decided to stay home but was excited to see Jayden later in the day.

To all our families we miss you dearly but want you to know we are all taking advantage of this experience and cannot wait to tell you more about it.

All our love,

Kaylah & Peter

13 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 6 Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day!

  1. Hello everyone, Wow! That looks like very hard and heavy work. Well done on achieving what you have so far. We imagine that the rain was a welcome relief from the heat even though it did slow up the end results. Keep working hard, enjoy the rest at the end of the day and most of all enjoy the sleep tonight. Loving the blog and photos. Sending all our love and see you soon. xx

  2. Well done to all of you for working so hard and you should all be proud of yourselves as we are! That view of the volcano is so beautiful! Hope you all have a good night sleep tonight and have a great day tomorrow. Miss you Jayden xx

    1. I have tears reading this, you are an amazing team, we are so proud! Good to hear you’re fed well and worked hard. Keep your chins up!

  3. Oh! Hello everyone!! What a day!! Well done to you all on a huge achievement. So proud of you and thank you all so much for just giving and giving and giving. We all think of you so much. Loved the blog and all the pictures. All well here. Love from us all xxxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations to you all. Triumph over adversity! what an amazing experience. And all that after the ‘chicken day’! Special hugs for Peter. With love from G&G.

  5. Love you lots xxx sounds like you are all having a wonderful time and making the most out of your experiences while you’re there. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home, and see how good the balloon making skills are 😂

  6. Great to see the basketball court taking shape, keep up the good work. With all this practice looking forward to Ethan working in our backyard when he gets back!

  7. Well done to You all, a fantastic job and a lifetime of memories enjoy the rest of your time there, good bless 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Looks like its so much fun! We are enjoying looking at the pictures. Love Mrs Brown’s class (1.2) ECC.

  9. Well done guys, the basketball court is taking shape. It looks like such hard work, Kayla and Peter I loved your blog, it makes us feel like we are there with you.

    Congratulations on another successful day.

    Love you and miss you My Teale 💕💕

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