Ellenbrook: Day 7 – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We awoke in the morning to a clear blue sky and headed downstairs for another amazing breakfast prepared by Ate (Aunty) Dinah. Shortly after, we took a short walk to Pastor Ely’s Church to visit the kindergarteners. Unbeknown to us was that we would be entertaining the children. We had nothing prepared or planned but were able to quickly adapt and ingratiate ourselves with the children, brightening up their day with a multitude of activities. We played games such as ‘duck, duck, goose!’, made balloon animals and sang songs like ‘heads, shoulders knees and toes’ and ‘shake.’ The kindergarteners awed us with their cuteness, singing and dancing. Crush also enjoyed spending time with the kids and singing the songs.

Later we went to the IRC in hopes to complete the basketball court. Upon arrival we were greeted with the usual happy smiles and wide arms, it never ceases to amaze; these kids have every reason to be upset and complain about their situation, but they don’t. They always radiate love and happiness. Inspired by the touching and heart-warming letters that we received yesterday from the kids, we decided to write our own letters and hand them out to the kids before settling into the strenuous task ahead. We then split into groups once again for the rocks, sand, and the concrete mixer and got to work. We managed to finish the basketball court before lunch, much ahead of the time we originally expected. Seeing the finished product and knowing all the hard labour that went behind it and the children it would positively impact filled us with immense and indescribable satisfaction and fulfilment. We have completed what seemed to be impossible.

We walked home, tired and drained, yet hungry and ready for a delicious lunch of the Filipino staple, chicken and rice. After lunch, we walked down to the resort to wash our sweaty clothes and have a swim. After working on the project at IRC for 3 days, an afternoon of leisure and relaxation was much deserved. The locals were as welcoming as always, and we all made some new friends.

To our surprise, for dinner we had pizza. To finish our night, we got to try some Filipino delicacies, this included: Chicken feet, intestine, pork, and the favourite BALUT! Our very brave Trent and Alethea gave Balut a go but for Trent, this, unfortunately, did not end very well…

Jayden & Kaitlyn J

12 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 7 – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  1. Good morning everyone,
    Terrific photos and blog once again. We will never have to try chicken feet as your faces said it all. The job you are all doing is incredibly hard and difficult but it looks like it is tinged with fun too, we are very proud of you all. Olivia – Nana and Pop send their love and want you to know they have kept up with your adventures everyday, they are very proud of everything you are achieving. They said to tell everyone from ECC that you are truly amazing and should be proud of your achievements. All is good at home here, Basketball has been forfeited this weekend so no sport. Keep working hard, enjoy every moment and make memories that will last a life time. Love to you all and see you very soon xx

  2. Awesome to hear the basketball court is finished through all your hard work. Another interesting experience with food – Balut on the menu when you get home Trent !!!!!! Heath and Reese are missing you Trent and the dishes are still waiting to get done. Looking forward to hearing more adventures tomorrow.

  3. Thank you so much for the great update and wonderful photos! Great to see you smiling Peter! And you can have a job on the Rhythm Tots team any time with your ‘shake and freeze’ skills!! 💕. Congratulations Everyone on finishing the basketball court despite the adversity! Brilliant achievement and what a gift you leave behind. Have a wonderful day today. (Love you peter, and pretty fond of everyone else too xxxx.) Bless you all. 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕

  4. Another fantastic blog post. We just love reading all about what you are doing! So glad the basketball court is finished.
    Loved watching the video of the “Shake” song. So cute! I think it’s one I will need to add to the toddler music group I run 😀
    Enjoy your last few days with this special community! We can’t wait to have you home Ethan, but are so pleased you have had the opportunity to serve and be part of such an incredible experience. We love you!

  5. Glad you all had the afternoon to go for a swim and relax. Very well deserved after all the hard work! The water looks nice and refreshing! Loved watching the videos and seeing all the photos everyday 😊

  6. So pleased that you finished the basketball court. A great achievement. Loved the “shake it” video – some huge talent happening there! We have really enjoyed reading the blog and seeing your smiling faces each day.

  7. Omg Kaylah and Teale, your faces with the chicken 😂 I’ll ask grandma for a good liver recipe for dinner one night 😂
    Harley is driving everyone up the wall now… She has to sleep on top of you not next to you and will spend the entire evening trying to pat you if you stop giving her attention for more than a minute.
    Tobi is also a little lost and as Harley has pushed him out he looks sad and misses out on pats 😭 he has taken to sleeping in the wardrobe.
    Food shopping today… I take it chicken is off the menu for a while? 😂
    Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time and the children love having you there.
    Everyone sends their love. 4 more sleeps… Not that I’m counting. It’s for Harley. We have a thing on the fridge 😂🙈

  8. Congrats on finishing the basketball court. You should all be so proud of your efforts. The dancing isn’t quite TikTok but you might be able to work it in somewhere. Haha. Sssooooo cute though. Thinking and praying for you as the next couple of days will be filled with bitter sweet moments as you prep for your big travel day on Monday. Keep enjoying the journey. Much love and admiration.

  9. Great to hear the basketball court is done – give yourselves a pat on the back. A great legacy to leave behind. I love your moves Soph in ‘shake’ 🙂 .The kids all look so happy – what amazing role modes you all are. xx

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