Southern Hills Day 7: A Ride to Sagay

­This morning we were woken up at 6:00 am. We then had to pack up all our bags and get ready for the long trip to Sagay. After packing, we left the hotel to go to breakfast where we had rice, egg, sweet rolls and beef and onion. Once we had finished and said our goodbyes (for now), we started our two-hour trip to Sagay. The trip was extremely hot and uncomfortable, but it rewarded us with beautiful views and memories. Half-way through the trip, we had to change bus due to the different region that we were travelling to.

Once we arrived at Sagay we went to our lunch destination where we had salad, chicken and ham rolls, pork and of course, rice. Here in Sagay, a few of us had noticed that the rice had been cooked differently causing a different taste.

Once lunch was finished, we quickly came to the hotel, grabbed our washing and left to drop it off. From there we headed to the Ikthus Redeemed community of Sagay were we had a devotion led by Brother Bert, followed by a tour of the community led by the children where we got to see what the Swan and Southern Hills teams have done in the past to help them which has changed their lives forever.

We then came back to the hotel where we had the opportunity to swim in the pool where some people did shoulder wrestling and others went on the slide or just talked. We then had to rush and quickly get ready for dinner which consisted of fish nuggets with sweet chili sauce, rice, chicken stir fry, mushroom soup and fresh, ripe bananas.

Tonight’s activity was going into the local supermarket and buying an item of food which had to cost 100 pesos or less, which was either funny or unique to the Philippines. We then gathered as a big group to share what we bought and swap with someone to try their food. Some of the items of food were delicious, some were strange, and some were disgusting.

We are looking forward to a big day tomorrow.

Love you all,

Kieran and Mackenzie


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  1. Hi there, We are enjoying hearing about your adventures each day. It would of been great to see the work done by others before you and how much it has helped the community. Missing you and love you heaps

  2. Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be at Alice in Wonderland #sorrylizzie Lots of Love! Have fun!! 😊

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