Southern Hills Day 9: Bus Trips and Dance Parties

Today we got up early and headed for La Carlota. In Bacolod we stopped for a much needed breakfast at McDonalds. Way too quickly we boarded the next bus and eventually arrived at the hotel. A quick stop to drop off our bags and grab our bathers and off to lunch we went. This long trip back finished with a delicious lunch, a Filipino delicacy, a whole pig that we named ‘Pepper’ and proceeded to demolish.

After lunch we were back on the bus and headed to distribute food packs to the community. After the families were given food at the local church, we blessed the children with balloon and pipe-cleaner shapes. All too soon we were leaving the community and heading towards our next destination. Here we swum in a gorgeous natural spring up in the mountains. Lots of laughs were had and races fought and won.

After heading back to the hotel and enjoying a much-needed shower, we met up with Ellenbrook students for a final party. We begun by dancing to a local drum band at the front of the Mayor’s office, soon we had everyone dancing along and conga-lining up the stairs to our party room. Here we found a room filled with food and music. First, we sat down to eat, each school group mixing together to share the stories of their trip. Food was gone all to quickly and then begun the dancing. A local band provided the music, and we danced the night away. As the hours passed by we eventually stopped, ready to rest before our final day of travel tomorrow.

See you all soon! – Lorien

A message from Mr Beacham

Dear Parents,

Thank you for entrusting your children into our care for the last 9 days. It has been a pleasure working with them and seeing them interact with the culture over here. Their growth in maturity and kindness has increased day after day as the trip has progressed.

As we look to head back to Perth please take the time to read through the re-entry document you were given at the last pre-trip meeting to help your child integrate into life back in Perth.

Monday will be a day of shopping and a lot of travelling. With our final flight landing at Perth International Airport (T1) on Tuesday morning at 5:20am (SQ225). Your children will be looking forward to seeing you then and updating you on their adventures.

Mr Beacham.


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