Ellenbrook: Day 10&11 See Ya Later Visayas Islands!

Today and Yesterday have been long days.  Miss Woermann shared a room with 6 other girls on Monday night with very overactive air-conditioning.  Tuesday morning began with the typical Filipino breakfast of rice eggs and sausage. The 6 boys enjoyed luxury at Escalera with them all having double beds each. Mr Peakall bunked in with the Beacham boys. The following bus ride flew by quickly with half of the crew singing songs all the way from La Carlotta to Bacolod. Crush was excited to be going home and sat with Ethan and Peter for the bus trip.

The crew spent 1 hour and 30 mins at a huge market called 888 where they hurriedly purchased presents for their families and friends. Many made references to the “warehouse” (private joke) as the driver took us down back roads and sugar cane fields to get to the Silay-Bacolod airport. The whole crew were sad to be leaving Negros but excited to be travelling back home as they all said their goodbyes to Pr Gary.

The flight to Manilla was uneventful but here they would say goodbye to Alethea who would leave them with her family in Manila for an extended stay. Blessings to you Alethea as you share some quality family time over Christmas.

After a very long queue to check-in for the Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore and then Perth the crew did some very last minute shopping with the girls rushing off to purchase some soft animal friends who played with Crush at the airport. We were sad when a fellow student from another school had to be rushed to hospital in Manila with Mr Beacham and we prayed for them to keep safe and for the health of the student.

A good flight to Singapore followed by a very long walk through Terminal had them all waiting quietly for the last leg to Perth. Crush was very happy to play with new friends.

The crew arrived 30 minutes early in Perth and were very tired but excited to see their families and head home for some well-deserved rest.

The staff would like to congratulate the whole team for being such awesome crew and would like to thank the ex-student leaders for being great mentors and role models.

Blessings to you all and thank you especially to the families and teachers from the school for supporting the students every day with your comments on the blog.

Take Care and signing off for another year.

Darren Peakall and Dania Woermann

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