Kieran comes home!

Hi all Leavers and L2L supporters,

By now you have probably all returned to ‘normal life’ and settled back in to the daily routines that keep us busy in Perth or other parts of the world.

This morning saw the successful return of Kieran Udiljak (Southern Hills student) to Perth after an extended stay in a Manila hospital after Leavers2Leaders.

Kieran’s mum flew over for the last part of his stay and a massive thankyou must be given to Greg Beacham who played nurse (the mental imagery of this is ….) for almost a week as Kieran was taken from doctor to doctor to gain clearance to fly back home to Perth.

Thanks so much to the well-wishers back in Perth who messaged and sent messages of support to Kieran and Greg during this time.

All’s well that ends well – a great experience in a number of different communities and a chance to see how life is lived differently for so many people in our world.

Please continue to hold all of the students in your prayers as they adjust to life after the Philippines and enjoy the trip video which is really special this year.

5 thoughts on “Kieran comes home!

  1. This has been one of the hardest weeks Kieran and I have had to endure. It is so wonderful and such a relief to have him home.
    I would like to once again thank Greg Beacham for taking such special care of Kieran during this ordeal. I felt at ease knowing he was in such good hands.
    Thankyou to Giles Creelman for making the trip over with me and helping to speed up the processes. (My legs are still trying to catch up…..), Thankyou to Renae Grudgeon, and Paul Beacham, your thoughts and prayers have filled my heart.
    To everyone else that reached out to us Thankyou.
    Leanne Udiljak ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ

  2. This wonderful news heading into Christmas. Our love and thoughts go to Keiran and his family as Keiran continues to get well. Thank you for the update. xx

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