Four Months To Go!

  Hello to all supporters of Leavers2Leaders! With the mid-year break of us, it is a good time to reflect upon the work that has been done previously, but also to look forward to what 2018 hold for our travelling groups. Our trip will leave Perth in November and we are expecting a travelling group... Continue Reading →

Issues returning to ‘normal’ life

Hello Parents, It has been over 24 hours now since your children have returned from the Philippines and you may start to see the cracks appearing in what was a tired, but excited, child that was returned to you early on Saturday morning.  You may see signs of depression, anger, loss or just general strange... Continue Reading →

Home Safe And Sound

Just a quick note to say that all of the L2L crew returned in the early hours of Saturday morning back to Perth Airport. All students, teachers and helpers are safe and sound - but they will be seeking some more sleep in the next few days given the hectic schedule of early wake up... Continue Reading →

Swan Day 8 – Bye Bye Sagay

Kane and Fraser here, to be honest, we haven’t read any of the other blogs, therefore we have no idea how they’ve gone about writing them. We’re going to take a reflective, personal approach on the day and its events. Today presented the bitter taste of reality as the community’s smiles brought us all to... Continue Reading →

Swan Day 7 – Road Opening

Hey it’s Rianna and Tia, Today we started with a big flippin breakfast after the live like a local day! They spoiled us with banana fritters (so yummy). After that we headed to Parok Bangkal. Our group split into three. The first group went shelling, the second group washed clothes, and the third group (us)... Continue Reading →

Swan Day 5 – Sunday Church

Today was a rough, but overall good day. As a group, we’ve really started to click and work together. A few of us felt a bit sick and/or exhausted at different points during the day, but it didn’t stop us from connecting with people in the village and continuing to grow our relationships with them... Continue Reading →

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