Ellenbrook Day 6 – Lugaw Day

  Day 6- Living Like a Local Today was our live like a local day, which involved walking to our destination instead of taking tricycles, participating in local daily activities and only eating lugaw. For those of you who don’t know, lugaw is a traditional Filipino dish, which consists of rice, water, salt and chicken.... Continue Reading →

Swan Day 5 – Sunday Church

Today was a rough, but overall good day. As a group, we’ve really started to click and work together. A few of us felt a bit sick and/or exhausted at different points during the day, but it didn’t stop us from connecting with people in the village and continuing to grow our relationships with them... Continue Reading →

Swan Day 4 – Road Warriors

Day 4 – Road Warriors Today we woke up at 7:00am, to the lovely sound of Beacham telling us to get up. We then had breakfast at the IRC building before heading out to Purok Bangkal and washed our clothes by HAND!!! Even everyone’s underwear. After hanging out our washing we spent more time developing... Continue Reading →


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