Remember when: we were on TV!

A month has flown by since we left the Philippines, but the impact our students had on the communities we visited will last a lifetime. As the new year approaches, it's a great time to reflect on the positive work these young men and women completed as we set goals and aspirations for the future.... Continue Reading →

The Keyboard has arrived at IRC

Hello all, Pr Gary has purchased a keyboard for the Cabacungan IRC from the donation of funds that were collected from the students while we were in the Philippines. What a blessing it is to those we donated to. Kind Regards Darren Peakall Aka "Pickles"

Ellenbrook: Day 8 – Done & Dusted!

We woke up pleased and excited with the smell of bacon filling our rooms. Our first meal after Lugaw day was everything we wanted as we all stood; staring at the plates of the crispy bacon and delicious French toast that was prepared for us. It wasn’t long before those plates were all cleared completely... Continue Reading →

Ellenbrook: Day 6 – First Layer Done!!

Another morning, another coffee before we headed out to Cabacungan Elementary School where we were given the opportunity to teach and learn from the students. In the classes we taught the children some Aussie slang such as, ‘Good Arvo!’ and ‘Struth’ and played games, sung songs and danced. We then gave the children the chance... Continue Reading →

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