Southern Hills Day 2: Climatising

Today was an early wake up or a sleep in as Mr Beacham calls it, at 7am in the morning. We had a really good breakfast, rice and brisket meat, before heading off to the church in Jembees. We all really enjoyed the Jembee ride. Sitting through the church service was really cool, afterwards we... Continue Reading →

Safely in Singapore!

We've made our way on the start of incredible trip of changing the lives of people around us. We have arrived safely in Singapore despite some turbulence just before landing, and will be departing for Manila shortly. Bon Voyage!

Less than one week to go!

Friday night will be upon us very quickly, and the year of planning comes down to this! Hopefully, you are all subscribing to the news for each of your schools (setting that up today!) and you will get individual emails from all of your school co-ordinators this week. Important things to remember this week: -... Continue Reading →

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