Remember when: we were on TV!

A month has flown by since we left the Philippines, but the impact our students had on the communities we visited will last a lifetime. As the new year approaches, it's a great time to reflect on the positive work these young men and women completed as we set goals and aspirations for the future.... Continue Reading →

The Keyboard has arrived at IRC

Hello all, Pr Gary has purchased a keyboard for the Cabacungan IRC from the donation of funds that were collected from the students while we were in the Philippines. What a blessing it is to those we donated to. Kind Regards Darren Peakall Aka "Pickles"

Our Final Day – a sonnet

Dear parents / interested parties, just some important details as this will be the final blog post for the 2018 L2L trip. Arrival details are as follows: SQ 525 – 5:25am Wednesday 28th On a personal note, we teachers have been so impressed by the character of the young people in our charge. They have... Continue Reading →

Swan – Day 9 –  Tears & Farewells

Beginning our final day in Cabacungan we joined the local church community in their service. After worship we made our own contribution with the performance of a ‘do whop’ version of ‘Amazing Grace’ by the freshly formed, makeshift SCEA Choir. Pastor Pickles (the Ellenbrook chaplain) delivered the sermon and Devlin & Mark bravely shared their... Continue Reading →

Swan – Day 6 – Ae!

Kobe woke us all at 6am this morning by shaking our blankets off. With misery, we slowly got up and played some cards. Brekky was 6:30 and we had to gobble it down to leave soon to Cabacungan Elementary school. We were thrown into classrooms as groups of three and were told we had to... Continue Reading →

Swan – Day 3

We woke up 6:30 and started the morning with some good ol Spongebob. Then we realized we had lost track of time so had to get ready quick to be downstairs for breakfast at 7. We had an interesting breakfast of sausage and rice. At 7:30 we all tried to fit into the bus, but... Continue Reading →

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