Swan – Day 6 – Ae!

Kobe woke us all at 6am this morning by shaking our blankets off. With misery, we slowly got up and played some cards. Brekky was 6:30 and we had to gobble it down to leave soon to Cabacungan Elementary school. We were thrown into classrooms as groups of three and were told we had to... Continue Reading →

Ellenbrook: Day 6 – First Layer Done!!

Another morning, another coffee before we headed out to Cabacungan Elementary School where we were given the opportunity to teach and learn from the students. In the classes we taught the children some Aussie slang such as, ‘Good Arvo!’ and ‘Struth’ and played games, sung songs and danced. We then gave the children the chance... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills Day 5: The Harvest

As per routine a lovely early wake up from Georgie at 6:45 which turned into a snooze button until 7am. We headed to breakie where we were treated with some delicious omelettes, spam and rice. Due to typical Philippines weather, schools have been student free for the past two days, which meant we headed straight... Continue Reading →


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