Combined Blog: Day 12

Today's blog comes on behalf of all three schools, written by Taylah Silvestro from Swan. It was a pleasant wake up this morning, the sleep in was very much needed. We lazily strolled down the stairs at 8, and headed off for breakfast at the IKTHUS church for a more ‘traditional’ breakfast of sausage and... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills Day 10: Back to Bacolod

So today was day 10, We woke up at 7:15 (yay a sleep in) started off with a big breakfast (after the Lugaw) at a fellow missionary’s house. The house was surrounded by a stunning garden filled with inspirational slogans to deter the detrimental actions we produce on earth. Breakfast included a delicacy called P-ya ya... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills Day 9: Lugaw

Mayoong Gabi! (Good Evening) Today was a hard day for some and an enlightening one for others. We started the day off with a 1 km walk to the bus as some of our transport was taken away from us, following this exciting experience we had a refreshing cup full of Lugaw (rice and extra water)... Continue Reading →

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