Southern Hills Day 4

Hey guys!!! Ashleigh and Deanna here 🙂 Today was a full on day! We have started our mission work in the community in Isabela. We woke to a beautiful sunrise over the beach and gathered under the gazeebo to have our breakfast which we bought from the shops last night- some people’s breakfast was very... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills: Day Three

Hey guys, Kendall and Liam here, We began our day by waking in our Hotel beds in Bacolod City at around 7:00am. Ensuring we packed all of our bags the night before to get a quick head start to whatever the 3rd day in the Philippines had in store for us. We then parted ways... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills Day Two: Blog

We woke to the urgent and distressing beeping of alarms this morning, as we were told that we all had to meet in the lobby at 7 o’clock.  Most of us made it on time except for a few stragglers which we realised were still asleep as we were boarding the bus. After everyone and... Continue Reading →

Southern Hills Blog: 22 November Journal

Today began early; we left Perth and journeyed to Singapore. The flight was filled with many emotions; excitement, anxiety and anticipation. The groups from Swan, Ellenbrook and Southern Hills mixed all in bright green shirts mingled. Many people made new friends. This really added to the student’s spirits in what was to be in store.... Continue Reading →

Gearing Up to Go…

In this section we look at what is required for us Leavers 2 Leaders participants coming from Australia to the Philippines. THE L2L TRAVEL BAG The L2L Travel Bag is designed and built in the Philippines for the toughest of conditions.  Every L2L participant gets a Travel Bag to put their 15 kilograms of luggage... Continue Reading →

Who we are

Pastor Gary Visitacion (just call him Pastor Gary Vee for short!) is a former college basketball star from the Philippines who has dedicated his life to serving God in a pastoral role in the Philippines.  He has travelled to Australia and the USA and so he is very aware of the cultural differences that Aussies... Continue Reading →

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