Combined Blog: Day 12

Today's blog comes on behalf of all three schools, written by Taylah Silvestro from Swan. It was a pleasant wake up this morning, the sleep in was very much needed. We lazily strolled down the stairs at 8, and headed off for breakfast at the IKTHUS church for a more ‘traditional’ breakfast of sausage and... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 11

After an unforgivable early wake up call of 4:30AM we all boarded our buses and drove to ABS-CBN station to guest star on Phillipino breakfast show The Morning Show. Our very own Mrs. Thyer was interviewed on live television (we all had a stirring appearance as the studio audience). After the broadcast we all enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 10

Today signalled the return journey of ‘Argie’, the loveable, rickety old orange bus that has served us so well on our journey, to the city of Bacolod. Before our departure, the restaurant we frequented in Sagay provided everyone sandwiches on the house for our bus ride. The trip was long, but short (Long in time,... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 9

Today was our last day at Parok Bangkal and as such our team had an air of sadness as we anticipated having to say goodbye. We began the day by packing distribution packs for the community. Everyone got in and worked hard as we put together bags containing 3 Kilos of rice, 6 packets of... Continue Reading →

A Day of Rest

Today started with a sleep in to recharge the batteries before we headed off to church. After a short (5 minute) trip to church we were joyfully greeted by the many smiling faces of members of the congregation of His Life Church. At the start of the service Holly, Mikayla, Kirstie and Emily P were... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 7

(From the eyes of the teacher) Dear Parents, Your loving children / developing adolescents are all still alive!!! But seriously, they are going amazing! They are blowing us away with their desire to develop genuine relationships with the people of Porak Bangkal. They have shown superb character in some reasonably tough situations. I can confirm the... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 6

Today was Lugow (loo-gow) day which meant that all we could eat for lunch and dinner was Lugow which is a mixture of rice and chicken broth (it’s what the poorer people of the community eat) We woke up and had breakfast and then had to plan for our visit to the high school later... Continue Reading →

Swannies – Day 5

When Mr Beacham told us we could have a sleep in until 7:30 everyone cheered although some of us were woken up by the pounding rain at 4:00am. After having to make our own breakfast with the items we bought two days ago, we piled onto Argie 2, (our designated bus for our stay in... Continue Reading →

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