Day 7

Today was “live like a local day” which means we ate lugow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lugow is a rice porridge made with rice, water and chicken. It was important that we experience “live like a local day” to have a better understanding of the food they eat on a regular basis. Today we... Continue Reading →

Day 6

Today was a very challenging day; the rain and wind had stopped us from going into the community. All the students were very disheartened as we couldn’t get stuck into working and getting to know the children more, however, we soon found a solution which was to have a relaxing day with the scholars of... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Today was a very eventful, exiting and emotional day. At approximately 5:30am, a group of keen runners went on a five km run around Sagay. They went with the man who is organising the work and community that we visit, Brother Bert. Around 7:30 we headed back to Puroc Bangkal. After arriving at the community... Continue Reading →

Day 4

Waking up bright and early, packed bags and ready to head off, we began our two hour journey to Sagay. After a long morning of traveling on a hot bus we arrived in Sagay. Already exhausted, sweating and weary but filled with excitement we headed off to the community of Purok Bangkal where we were... Continue Reading →

Day 3

AM Today we woke up and had breakfast at 7.00am, after breakfast we headed out to a high school called Sum-Ag there are 4000 students studying at the school. We got to explore and geez - the school (it was very big). They showed us there traditional dancing and after we joined in too. Despite... Continue Reading →

Day 2

Today started with rice, literally… After breakfast we started the drive down to the community ‘Tabao’. Within the community we took part in different tasks that the locals would undertake daily. We helped with the making of cloth washing powder, washing up liquid and gutted fish ready for drying. After lunch we proceeded to hand... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – Arrival

It was a strange experience departing from Perth Airport; many of us were going to a completely foreign country with certain people that we knew, but many that we didn’t. Some of us haven’t even been out of the country before, let alone without any family to accompany us.   The first flight was about... Continue Reading →

Updates on the AusAID Grant for Sagay

Shortly after the completion of the Fish-Drying Facility in Sagay, we received this letter of thanks from Bert Armada, who had found an international partner to create long-term jobs for the community there. His letter is below: Hello to our friends from SCEA Global, I wanted to share the good news that has come to... Continue Reading →

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